Application of Quaternions

Written by: Gernot Hoggmann

Free online, 39 page textbook on Quaternions written by Gernot Hoggmann. It has been updated and translated several times. The latest version is from October 2014.

Table of Contents for Application of Quaternions

  1. Definition and Features
  2. Rotational Transformations
  3. Transformation of Angular Velocities
  4. Rotational Equation of Motion in Euler Formulation
    1. Rotational Euler Equation by Quaternions
    2. Transformation of Torques
  5. Rotational Equations of Motion in Lagrange Formulation
    1. Rotational Lagrange Equation by Quaternions
    2. Transformation of Torques
  6. Transformations for Classical Euler Angles
    1. Rotational Transformations
    2. Transformations by Quaternions
    3. Calculation of Angles
  7. References
    1. Original References
    2. References quoted from [1]
  8. Appendix A: Rigid Body Rotation Half-Quat
  9. Appendix B: Rigid Body Rotation Full-Quat
  10. Appendix C: Spherical Linear Interpolation

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Application of Quaternions

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