Free Anthropology & Archaeology Textbooks

Dream of exploring ancient tombs or unearthing a full dinosaur skeleton? Or maybe you want to study the inhabitants of some isolated village where they live the same way as they did 300 years ago. Either way, the textbooks here might help you in your endeavors.

Both Anthropology and Archaeology study the science of humanity. They are generally considered one of the social sciences but also have elements of biology, history and linguistics. Rather than attempt to place anthropological and archaeological works within those categories, it seemed important enough to stand on its own in this joint category.

At the moment, The Free Textbook List only has a few textbooks here. Hopefully, at least one of them will prove helpful in your studies.

List of Free Anthropology & Archaeology Textbooks

Cosmos & Culture

A textbook on cosmic evolution offered by NASA and containing 15 chapters written by scientists and experts from around the world.

Humanity from African Naissance to Coming Millennia

Written by: edited by Phillip V. Tobias, Michael A. Raath, Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi, and Gerald A. Doyle

Collection of 39 ‘refereed papers’ from the 1998 dual Congress of the International Association for the Study of Human Palaeontology and the International Association of Human Biologists. A virtual treasure trove of reference material for human anthropology students.

Introduction to Human Osteology

Human osteology textbook with numerous photos and illustrations for students studying anthropology or human anatomy.

Native American Oral Traditions

A collective work a collective work of academicians and Native peoples as partners; Native American Oral Traditions. Focus is on cultures from the American West.

Native Peoples of North America

Written by Dr. Susan Stebbins, Native Peoples of North America is a free online anthropology textbook offered through an open textbook initiative by SUNY

The Joy of Sanskrit

Written by: McComas Taylor (ANU College of Asia and the Pacific) and Grazia Scotellaro (College of Asia and the Pacific)

The Joy of Sanskrit is a free online Sanskrit textbook with tons of video and audio files to help students learn this ancient language.

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