Algorithmic Combinatorics

Written by: S. Gill Williamson (University of California, San Diego)

Twenty years of graduate seminars on algebraic and algorithmic combinatorics led to the creation of a textbook first published in 1985. In 2012, Professor Emeritus S. Gill Williamson (UC San Diego) republished the materials as an free online textbook.

Students taking this course are typically majoring in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. The author has identified several sections of his work as covering the most basic ideas “useful for programming problems of a combinatorial nature” – Basic Concepts of Linear Order, Sorting and Listing, Pólya Counting Theory and Basic Concepts of Graph Algorithms.

Chapter Titles

  1. Basic Concepts of Linear Order
  2. Sorting
  3. Basic Combinatorial Lists
  4. Symmetry – Orbit Enumeration and Orderly Algorithms
  5. Some Classical Combinatorics
  6. Basic Concepts of Graphs, Trees, and Recursion
  7. Depth First Search and Planarity
  8. Depth First Search and Nonplanarity
  9. Triconnectivity
  10. Matroids

Algorithmic Combinatorics is available as a set of 4 PDF downloads. The original 1985 textbooks, Combinatorics for Computer Science is also available in a PDF format.


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Algorithmic Combinatorics

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