A Review of the Universe

A retired physicist has generously created an entire website for students and anyone else looking for A Review of the Universe. They explain their goal as hoping “to reach individuals who would like to study the natural phenomena at a deeper level than what is generally offered by newspapers or in the high school curriculum, with the benefit of avoiding complex mathematical formulation and confusing terminology.” Yay, sounds like a resource for everyone, not just hard core science majors. Might be a great resource for students who are taking an astronomy course to fulfill their general studies science requirement.

The website is structured much like a textbook. But, unlike a textbook, our anonymous benefactor is updating the material as the science of astronomy and cosmology evolves. The materials were first written in 2002 but there were updates as late as March 6, 2015.

Table of Contents for A Review of the Universe

  1. Introduction
  2. Observable Universe and Beyond
  3. Superclusters
  4. Clusters of Galaxies
  5. Galaxies
  6. Star Clusters
  7. Planetary Systems
  8. Stars
  9. Earth
  10. Multicellular Organisms
  11. Unicellular Organisms
  12. Molecules
  13. Atoms
  14. Nuclei
  15. Elementary Particles and the World of Planck Scale
  16. Frontier of Science
  17. Appendices (Special Topics)



View this Free Online Material at the source:
A Review of the Universe

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