A New View of Statistics

Written by: Will G. Hopkins (AUT University)

While not a traditional textbook, this statistics resource does something most textbooks fail to do – use real world examples to teach how the math being learned can be applied. Will G. Hopkins, Professor of Exercise Science, Sport and Recreation, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand created the site for sports and exercise majors but hopes it will prove useful to anyone studying statistics. The examples are primarily sports-related which might provide a bit of interest for students.

The website has a large alphabetical index of terms and definitions for students looking for information on a particular topic. The author has also added a bit of a table of contents and he broke the topics down into the following:

Short Contents of A New View of Statistics, an Online Statistics Resource

Preface: About These Pages
Summarizing Data
Simple Statistics & Effect Statistics
Dimension Reduction
Precision of Measurement
Generalizing to a Population
Confidence Limits & Statistical Significance
Statistical Models
Estimating Sample Size
Summary: The Most Important Points

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A New View of Statistics

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