A History of Immunology

Written by: Arthur M. Silverstein

In his second edition of A History of Immunology, Arthur M. Silverstein sought to better clarify the conceptual developments in the field and identify the contributions of sociological factors on those developments. The target audience is young immunologists to help grow their understanding of the field of study and how we arrived where we are today.

Table of Contents of A History of Immunology

(the author did not provide a table of contents, only the ‘chapter’ titles are included here)

  • 1. Theories of acquired immunity
  • 2. Cellular vs humoral immunity
  • 3. Theories of antibody formation
  • 4. The generation of antibody diversity: the germline/somatic mutation debate
  • 5. The clonal selection theory challenged: the “immunological self”
  • 6. (the online version of this book had an error and repeated the entire 4th section here instead of including the 6th section)
  • 7. Immunologic specificity: solutions
  • 8. Horror autotoxicus: the concept of autoimmunity
  • 9. Allergy and immunopathology: the “price” of immunity
  • 10. Anti-antibodies and anti-idiotype imunoregulation (1899-1904)
  • 11. Transplantation and immunogenetics
  • 12. The uses of antibody: magic bullets and magic markers
  • 13. The royal experiment 1721-1722
  • 14. The languages of immunological dispute
  • 15. The search for cell-bound antibodies: on the influence of dogma
  • 16. “Natural” antibodies and “virgin” lymphocytes: the importance of context
  • 17. The dynamics of conceptual change in immunology
  • 18. Immunology in transition 1951-1972; the role of international meetings and discipline leaders
  • 19. The emergence of subdisciplines
  • 20. Immune hemolysis: on the value of experimental systems
  • 21. Darwinism and immunology from Metchnikoff to Burnet
  • 22. The end of immunology?
  • Appendix A: The calendar of immunologic progress
  • Appendix B: Nobel Prize highlights in immunology
  • Appendix C: Biographical dictionary
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

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