A Heat Transfer Textbook

Written by: John H. Lienhard IV (University of Houston) and John H. Lienhard V (MIT)

According to the authors, this truly living textbook has been viewed and downloaded by someone in essentially every country in the world. It has undergone numerous changes since it was originally published and is being updated fairly regularly – the latest update was only 11 days before I visited their site in March of 2015. While there have been numerous versions, this one is identified as the 4th edition.

This free online engineering textbook was designed for engineering juniors, seniors and first-year graduate students. It covers conduction, convection, phase-change, radiation and introduces mass transfer. The book has been designed where each topics is first explained “simply” and then more sophisticated material is presented later in the section – allowing students and instructors to guide how deeply they wish to cover the material.

This is the work of a father and son team. John H. Lienhard IV, Professor, University of Houston and John H. Lienhard V, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, first posted their textbook online in 2000.

When you attempt to download A Heat Transfer Textbook, you will be presented with what appears to be a registration form. It is simply a way for the authors to track who is viewing their work. The only required fields are your location and occupation. I had no trouble accessing their book.

Table of Contents for: A Heat Transfer Textbook

I. The General Problem of Heat Exchange
1. Introduction
2. Heat conduction concepts, thermal resistance, and the overall heat transfer coefficient
3. Heat exchanger design
II. Analysis of Heat Conduction
4. Analysis of heat conduction and some steady one-dimensional problems
5. Transient and multidimensional heat conduction
III. Convective Heat Transfer
6. Laminar and turbulent boundary layers
7. Forced convection in a variety of configuration
8. Natural convection in single-phase fluids and during film condensation
9. Heat transfer in boiling and other phase-change configurations
IV. Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer
10. Radiative heat transfer
V. Mass Transfer
11. An introduction to mass transfer
VI. Appendices
A. Some thermophysical properties of selected materials
B. Units and conversion factors
C. Nomenclature
Citation Index
Subject Index

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